Your relationship with your body intimately affects your mind and emotions,

which is why I offer body-based approaches

for connecting with your natural health and calmness.

My goal is to help you tap into inner feeling of aliveness

and to maintain balance even as you get challenged by life.

General COVID Policy:

• cleanliness and hygiene are very important to us; cleaning is regular and ongoing
• a medical grade HEPA-17 air purifier is in place, that can filter down to the size of small viruses
• no-touch trash cans & soap dispenser 

• ample hand-sanitizer on-site


Massage Therapy Guidelines:

• sheets are washed with bleach added, and all massage equipment in completely sanitized 
• therapists wear a mask for all massage sessions (with limited exceptions)

• vaccinated clients may be masked or unmasked; if unvaccinated, we request that you wear a mask

Yoga Guidelines:

• no requirements for online attendance

• for in-person classes, students must be fully vaccinated, 

       wear a mask,

       and bring their own yoga mat,

       pay with check or credit card (no cash payments)

 To talk about ways in which you might enhance your wellness,

schedule a free 20-minute phone consultation today;
call Julie at 717-337-9977