Therapeutic Bodywork

The bodywork that we offer is deeply relaxing, exploring subtle sensation in the body that draws you to participate in your session. Learn about your habits of holding tension physically, mentally, and energetically, as well as how to begin to shift them, in a supportive environment geared 100% to your needs. 


Yoga & Dance

Julie’s approach to teaching yoga is thoughtful and playful, and layered learning allows students to build stamina over time. She offers options for different levels of difficulty, to help people learn the poses from the inside out, and the know-how to “work” each pose...

We also offer 5-Element YogaDance and Bellydance.


Moms & Babies

The time before birth and soon after is the primary window for establishing a strong life-long bond with your baby. Learn how to understand your baby’s non-verbal cues, how he/she self-regulates, and how to transform stress into an opportunity for deeper bonding.


Tension/Trauma Releasing

Information about Tension/Trauma Releasing