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Yoga & Dance—

 Yoga For All Levels / Hatha


Experience an approach to yoga that is both fluid (range of motion) and structured (strengthening). Layered learning allows students to build stamina over time. Options are offered for different levels of difficulty to help people learn the poses from the inside out and know how to “work” each pose.


In addition to fitness, yoga teaches us to move with confidence and skill, to listen to ourselves better, to slow down, and to balance our thought processes and emotions. 

Classes integrate the following dimensions of yoga:
• alignment-based yoga, to protect the joints and cultivate steadiness
• mindful awareness rather than rote imitation
• breathing techniques to deepen relaxation
• how to move with ease into and out of poses​ without injury

• how to modify poses

• deep states of rest

$15/class, or 3 for $40, 6 for $75

Root Yoga


In Root Yoga we create and explore an engaging practice, digging into the asanas from their foundations with a thorough, unique, and creative approach. Jeremi's eccletic and specific teaching style is "rooted" in her study of Iyengar technique, dance, and BodyMind Centering. This class will work your muscles deeply and help you orient to the core of stillness in your body/mind. All are welcome in Root Yoga although some yoga experience may be helpful.

$15/class, or 3 for $40, 6 for $75

Iyengar Yoga All Levels


Iyengar Yoga has been developed from the teachings of B.K.S. Iyengar and his family. Iyengar Yoga, known for its emphasis on proper alignment, relies on the use of props – such as blocks, blankets, belts, bolsters and chairs and detailed instructions to allow for longer holds in the asana which serve to awaken the body’s intelligence. It is accessible for students of all ages and physical conditions. Iyengar Yoga teachers clearly demonstrate the pose, offer individualized corrections for each student and modifications of the asana or pose, as necessary. 

$15/class, or 3 for $40, 6 for $75

Private Yoga Instruction


Whether you’re new to yoga or have been practicing for years, private yoga instruction allows you to continue to deepen your practice. Learn at your own pace and according to your own needs. This can be focused approach (for a specific muscle group or challenging movement) or very practical (better conditioning and increased health).

Possible themes include:

• fine-tuning and/or learning new poses
• yogic breathing techniques
• relaxation and meditation
• restorative yoga—reclining postures for deep stretching and deep rest
• exploration of impediments to growth
• creating new positive habits for mental/physical/emotional health
• practical applications for yoga chanting
• creating healthy relationships, with oneself and others

$95/60 minutes; $118/75 minutes; $142/90 minutes



Bellydance, originally beledi, meaning native or folk, and celebrates the community aspect of this uplifting dance style. Tribal-style bellydance is a fusion of dance styles for the Middle East, North Africa, Spain, and India. 


Learn the basics, including slides, circles, undulations, figure eights, shimmies, and more. Incredibly fun, feminine, and great exercise!

4 classes for $55, or $20/class



An exciting combination of yoga, therapeutic movement, and dance, this exploration of the five elements—earth, water, fire, air, and ether—and their diverse rhythms is an adventure is feeling fully alive.


Adapted to dance from Polarity Therapy by Charmaine Lee, RPP, this is not a performance-oriented class, but rather is designed for self-healing. The focus is on conscious and purposeful movement, innate movement patterns, explosive dance, and deep relaxation to energize every cell of the body.


Accompanied by inspirational music from around the world, SynergyDance elicits freedom of movement and transforms long-held stress into a profound sense of well-being. 

$15/class, or 3 for $40, 6 for $75

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