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Winter Session Yoga Classes

Thurs, 1/5 through Sat, 3/11


• IN-STUDIO: Thursday classes (11am & 5:30pm)

                         Saturday classes (9am)

                         304 York Street, Gettysburg

ONLINE via Zoom: Tuesday 5:15pm & Friday 10:30am classes

                 For the link, scroll down to the Google calendar;

                 click on the box for the day you wish to attend;

                 then scroll down again and you'll see the link at the bottom.

Spring Session Yoga Classes

Tues 3/14 through Sat, 5/13

• All classes will be in studio
• Tuesday 5:30pm and Friday 10:30am classes will also be available via Zoom (hybrid)

For more info, including about workshops and special classes,

please scroll through the Google Calendar below.


$15 per single class; $40/3; or  $75/6 classes; other options vary semester-to-semester.

     Credit cards, checks, and cash are all accepted.
     (Class cards expire at the end of the semester they were purchased in.

     Exceptions will be made for injury or illness)

If you are unable to attend the class you have signed up for, please cancel at least 1 hour prior to the scheduled start time, and you will NOT be charged. If you do NOT notify us and we hold a space for you, you WILL be charged for the class if you do not give us at least 1 hour advance notice.

For assistance or more information, please call Julie Aha at 717-337-9977.

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